Nikita Rudenko

Frontend developer


  • Websitenikitarudenko.dev
  • Emailn.rud3nko@gmail.com
  • LinkedInnikitarudenko.dev/linkedin
  • Phone Number+45 31 40 80 74

Technical Skills

  • LanguagesHTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, JSX.
  • ToolsReact.js, Next.js, CSS-in-JS, Tailwind, GraphQL, Git, Docker, CircleCI, Node.js, Express, Jest, RTL, Cypress, Figma.

Soft Skills

  • LanguagesFluent in English, Ukrainian, and Russian.
  • Top QualitiesSelf-reflective, attentive, prudent, creative, agreeable, structured.

About Me

I'm a frontend developer with 3+ years of experience focused on React and Next.js framework. I design and develop web apps while always having the user's and developer's perspectives in mind. It means that I'm always aware of the performance and usability on the UI side, as well as the cleanliness and readability on the source code side. I have broad experience with the React ecosystem, but I'm also confident with the Node.js-driven backend.

Work Timeline

Frontend Developer (Full-time)Mar'21 - now

    @Session | Denmark πŸ‡©πŸ‡°

A business coaching platform that makes coaching affordable regardless of location and income. I started making a big impact on the project from my first days on it. As a result, we significantly improved the code quality, implemented hundreds of new features, introduced testing and delivery workflows, and made collaboration productive.

    Stack: Next.js, Typescript, Tailwind, GraphQL, Fauna, Jest, RTL, Cypress

Frontend Developer (Freelance)Sep'20 - Oct'21

    @Upwork | Remote - World 🌍

During my freelance journey, I worked on short-term projects while traveling Europe. I've got versatile experience, from designing and leading an internship to develop sound mini-games. For more details, see the next page.

    Stack: Next.js, Firebase, Typescript, Tailwind/ChakraUI

Frontend Developer (Full-time)Sep'19 - Jul'20

    @Portefini | Remote - US πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

A fashion retail startup with a goal to make shopping effortless. I started by taking care of the marketing-related infrastructure. Just a few months later I fully integrated into the team and began delivering major frontend features.

    Stack: Next.js, Redux, Redux Saga, SCSS

Translator (Freelance)Sep'18 - Jul'19

    @Unbabel | Remote - Portugal πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Ή

An AI-based human translation platform. I translated support tickets, guides, and manuals from English to Russian for big companies like Rovio, Booking.com, and Microsoft. That experience helped me to master the English language and taught me the culture of remote work.

    Stack: Chrome


React.js InternshipDuration: 5 months

    Patternica πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦

A Ukrainian software company was looking for someone to design and conduct an intership for students, and they chose me. I planned the curriculum, divided topics into 12 webinars, and designed a sample web app in Figma. As the next step I interviewed more than 20 people to choose four students. During the study process, I hosted webinars where I was presentations and live coding. I reviewed the code and guided students between webinars. In the end, the company hired two of my students. That was a great success!

    Stack: React.js, Redux, Typescript, CSS Modules, Jira, Figma

Audiation Revolution (interactive tutorial)Duration: 7 months

    Audiation Revolution πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

An Australian musician had an idea to make a web app that helps develop an ear for music in a gamified way. During the work on the app, we implemented interactive tutorials with MDX, quizzes, mini-games, an audio playground, and subscription-based payments with Stripe. I had lots of fun while developing. The client liked and highly appreciated my work.

    Stack: Next.js, Firebase, Typescript, ChakraUI, MDX, Stripe, TonalJS

Mord og Mysterier (game companion)Duration: 3 months

    Dynamic Events AS πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄

A Norwegian game community struggled during coronavirus lockdowns and requested to make a companion app for the Murder mystery game that is playable online. The two of us started with planning architecture and features. During development, we implemented authentication flows, user and inventory management, transactions between users, admin features, and many more. The project was delivered on time and received great feedback.

    Stack: Next.js, Firebase, Typescript, styled-components
The CV is coded in React and Markdown
Online version is available at https://nikitarudenko.dev/cv