Nikita Rudenko

Front-end developer


  • Websitenikitarudenko.dev
  • Emailn.rud3nko@gmail.com
  • LinkedInnikitarudenko.dev/linkedin

Professional Skills

  • LanguagesHTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, JSX.
  • ToolsReact.js, Next.js, Node.js, Git, Docker, CircleCI, CSS-in-JS, Express, CSS frameworks.

About Me

I am a front-end developer with problem-solving skills and experience in creating and designing software. I can help you to create a multipage website or blog backed with CMS, build a scalable web application, integrate your service with 3rd party APIs, or apply best practices for your exisiting website or app to make it faster and more robust.

Work Summary

Frontend DeveloperMar'21 - now

  • - development and improvement of the apps' features
  • - improve quality of the codebase and tooling
  • - code reviews

React.js MentorNov'20 - Feb'21

  • - interview candidates
  • - design and plan internship program
  • - lead the learning process (webinars, code reviews)

Front-end DeveloperNov'20 - Jan'21

  • - rapid development of an MVP
  • - implementation of highly-dynamic features

Front-end DeveloperOct'19 - Oct'20

  • - design and creation of software solutions for clients
  • - technical support

Front-end developerAug'20 - Nov'20

  • - features implementation, support, and code refactoring
  • - work in a Scrum team

Front-end DeveloperSep'19 - Jul'20

  • - support and improvement of marketing-related infrastructure
  • - work in a Scrum team
  • - setup of CI/CD workflow from scratch
  • - development and improvement of the major features

Freelance translatorSep'18 - Jul'19

  • - translation of texts from English to Russian
  • - AI translation correction